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Steven Myatt - The Legend of Harley-Davidson

Автор: Ingvar16 Дата: 7-08-2017, 22:53 Категория: Книги » Тех. литература » Авто-мото

Steven Myatt - The Legend of Harley-Davidson

Издание посвящено знаменитым американским мотоциклам Харли-Дэвидсон. На протяжении многих лет о Harley-Davidson написано много, поэтому было сложно найти что-то новое. На этих 164 глянцевых страницах вы найдете описания военных Харлей, заводских кастомов Харлей, гоночных Харлей, вечеринки с владельцами Харлей ... а также "Ивел Нивел", величайшего фильма о Харлей, когда-либо созданного, и обзор лучших книг о Харлей.

Now in its 106th year of production, can anyone argue against the notion that Harley-Davidson is the most famous make of motorcycle in the world? Over those 106 years other brand names have come and gone, but Harley stands, undisputedly the oldest motorcycle manufacturer that can claim uninterrupted production.

So, what you have in your hands is a celebration of the Milwaukee marvel. I've hugely enjoyed editing this very special one-off, and the writers, photographers and illustrators who have worked on it with me are some of the very best around.

A lot has been written about Harleys over the years, so it was a challenge to find something new to say. Well, in theory it should have been. In reality, I didn't have to look too far or think too long. In these 164 glossy pages, you'll find features on military Harleys, custom Harleys, racing Harleys, partying Harley owners... as well as the most authoritative feature on Evel Knievel, the greatest Harley movie ever made, and a round-up of the best books about Harleys.

Harley ownership has grown enormously in recent years. The biggest single catalyst was undoubtedly the introduction of the Evo engine in the early Eighties, but since then things have just got better and better.

"I"here are Harley-Davidson dealerships in locations you'd never have imagined to find them: In Moscow (utterly unthinkable in the early Eighties), in other ex-Eastem Bloc countries such as Poland and the Czech Republic, and in the Far East - Hong Kong, Singapore and even Beijing. There have even been rumours of an H-D showroom opening in Vietnam. Quite incredible. The whole world has been Harleyfied, and is all the better for it.

Not long before we went to press with this publication, Harley-Davidson announced that sales of new bikes were down significantly through 2008 (though up by 3% in Europe, interestingly). The explanation isn't that Harley ownership is shrinking; not a bit of it In these difficult times, folks are hanging on to their bikes for longer, and are postponing buying a new model - no matter how appealing. And that 2009 range really is extensive; just look at what's on offer, from affordable Sportsters to the mighty V-Rod muscle. What on earth would those first Milwaukee pioneers make of their legacy if they could see it? Well, they'd be proud and rightly so - and, undeniably, absolutely stunned by just how far the names Harley and Davidson have travelled.

Название: The Legend of Harley-Davidson
Автор: Steven Myatt (editor)
Издательство: Dennis Publishing Ltd. (MagBook)
ISBN: 1-906372-73-X
Год: 2009
Страниц: 164
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf
Размер: 37.52 MB

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